Unlimited Potential

Through early intervention and mentoring

Welcome to A Different Outcome

Providing inner city youth with the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives.

Our mission is to motivate and inspire young men by providing mentoring and training. Our goal is to inspire and support some of the most at-risk, marginalized, and misunderstood individuals in American society.

What We Offer

Bridging the Digital

Closing the homework gap
Access to broadband/personal laptop

Mental & Emotional Wellness

Opening the dialogue
Breaking down barriers

Financial Literacy

Introduction to key concepts
Exposure and guidance

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Self Discipline



Hard Work

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Each one of us is capable of helping a young person become an engaged and valued member of society. Many, through no fault of their own, are in a severely disadvantaged position. We need your help in guiding these young ones toward the path of happy and productive futures.

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We believe education is the foundation for success. It is imperative that we help inner city youth build a lifelong appreciation for the importance of learning.


Many children don’t have access to formal or informal mentoring, which is a proven element of long term success. ADO seeks to match the young men with mentors that will help them achieve their goals.


Access to technology and the necessary training to effectively utilize it are key factors in bridging the digital divide and closing the homework gap.

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